Data Warehouse


Data Warehouse Services by Inovsion

Data Warehouse as a Service

Inovsion rents out a full-scale data warehouse integrated with your existing BI and analytics infrastructure on a subscription fee basis.

Data warehouse advisory services

Inovsion's team designs a data warehouse and plans out its implementation as well as renders advisory support while migrating or upgrading your legacy solution to optimize DWH performance and costs.

Data warehouse implementation

Inovsion's team builds a DWH tailored to your unique data consolidation and storage needs and implements it into your ecosystem.

Data warehouse migration

Inovsion helps you optimize DWH performance and lower total cost of ownership by moving your existing on-premises data warehouse to the cloud with no business process disruptions.

Data warehouse testing

Inovsion offers a comprehensive DWH testing set, which can include ETL/ELT testing, BI testing, DWH performance testing and security testing.

Data warehouse support

Inovsion provides DWH support to help you identify and solve DWH performance issues, achieve DWH stability for timely and quality data flow for business users, lower DWH storage and processing costs.

Inovsion's Data Warehouse Portfolio

Data Warehouse and Analytics Solution for the Automotive Industry

An ETL-based data warehouse with a staging area, DWH database and data marts.

Multidimensional analytical cubes.

40+ customizable reports and dashboards.

Cloud DWH and BI Solution for the Producer of Phytotherapy Products

Consolidation of company-wide data from 5+ data sources into a cloud DWH.

20+ report templates to cater to different departmental needs.

A set of user guides with the detailed information.