One of the many product design services we offer, and an integral part of the process of making your idea a reality, Prototyping design allows you, not only to test your concept using a physical product, but also to evaluate and enhance your design, practically.

Often, a prototype is only required to prove that the concept design is correct before proceeding to manufacture but, within this, prototype design takes many forms, from basic mock ups through to fully functioning models specifically for sales purposes.

What's more, different products, ideas and concepts will require different prototypes, depending on your overall aim, such as

Product design process

Every invention is unique, and therefore every product design process is in some way different, but the milestones associated with every design process tend to remain the same or similar; ensuring you successfully push your invention idea forward and begin your journey to production.

Understand the process of going from concept idea to manufacture ready product

Design development

Design development involves the engineering and fine tuning of a chosen design concept, enabling an initial prototype to be created.

Considered the 'fine tuning' stage in the overall journey of bringing your invention idea to market, design development allows us to focus on the finer details and adjust the concepts initially presented; whether they be changes to the height, size or colors.

Once your concept has been suitably amended and agreed upon, a prototype-ready design can be created.

Electronic prototype design

Where electronics and mechanical elements are required in the initial prototype design, we work with highly skilled electronic design engineers to ensure this is fully integrated into the design from the very beginning of the project.

Whether simple gadgets and appliances or complex machines, software apps, and systems with multiple component electronic prototype design enables you to more accurately understand and adapt your design to respond to any potential flaws, as well as allowing you to refine your design before moving onto the next stage of the process.

CAD design & product engineering

Taking your sketches and/or drawings and turning them into manufacture-ready product designs, our professional CAD designers work with a range of formats and programs to produce 3D CAD models for:

3D printing

Product prototyping

Mass production manufacturing

Alongside the production of original CAD designs, our team of designers are also able to undertake smaller tasks such as CAD design adjustments to existing CAD models, and production drawings specifically for manufacture

Product prototypes & design testing

Product prototypes & design testing enables you to understand and identify any potential issues with initial designs and amend accordingly before progressing further; helping you avoid any design-related manufacturing problems which may prove costly or delay the manufacturing process. Design testing also helps you determine whether your product design works as expected, and demonstrate your invention idea to potential investors.

Often considered a lengthy and complex process, product prototypes & design testing with our experienced team here at Idea Reality allows you the opportunity to eliminate flaws and potential issues early on, achieving a smooth, prompt, and worry-free journey to manufacturing your product.

In-House 3D Printed Prototypes

Take advantage of our in-house 3d printer and workshop facilities as well as our extensive knowledge of additive manufacturing technologies.

Read our prototyping success story on who featured Idea Reality for its prototype development process.

Manufacturing Network

You can benefit from our fantastic network of trusted factories and suppliers. Whether you need a prototype or production batch we can help make it happen. We can obtain full costs for production tooling, unit costs, assembly and packaging

New invention help from inovsion

As well as our in-house team of experienced product designers, inovsion has extensive workshop facilities at our premises, plus access to a network of specialist suppliers and prototype manufacturers; providing you with the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to make your invention inovsion, whether it's a first 3D printed prototype to test your design or a working electronic demonstration prototype for sales and investment purposes.

Our experienced Hampshire-based product design team will guide you from concept design through to prototype and manufacture drawings, bringing your invention design ideas and product development projects successfully to market with advice, guidance, practical and actionable ideas & support, and crowdfunding help.

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Why Prototyping an invention idea?

Prototyping an invention idea has numerous benefits, and there are many reasons why inventors and/or entrepreneurs like you will want to invest in this crucial stage of the design process.

Whether you would like to test a design before progressing, push your product into development, require a working prototype for crowdfunding or are ready to share your invention idea with potential investors, prototyping an invention idea can often make a considerable difference to your project; allowing you to refine your idea whilst giving you a competitive edge.

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  • Design validation prototypes
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  • Working test mock-ups
  • 3D printing & rapid prototyping
  • Electronic & PCB prototypes